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Meet the Staff

Jen • Norwegian/Swedish/German Mix • Visionary, Cheerleader


Having a passion for dogs my whole life, I started Paws & Pups Bakery in 1998 with the help of my Pomeranian Toto.  I made treats for my friends and family, but just for fun.  They would offer the cookies to their pets and have them choose between mine and the “leading brand” biscuit.  The dogs would always choose the home made treats.  A no-brainer.  Paws & Pups Bakery has come a long way over the years.  Our recipe selection has evolved by alot of trial and error and we have several flavors to offer.  We hope you enjoy and please give us your feedback!

Michele • German/French Mix • Big Ideas and Chief Butt Scratcher


I always wondered why mass-produced, store bought treats always looked and smelled like something made out of children’s colorful modeling clay. In my ignorance I figured, they are being sold, so they must be ok.

Then it happened. My dogs, Mike and Ginger got sick, REALLY sick, on some mass-produced, store bought dog treats. I decided then I was never going to feed my fur babies anything I didn’t trust ever again. After lots of research, and testing different ingredients, I landed on several recipes that dogs LOVE!  It turns out they prefer all natural ingredients instead of treats that look like plastic cocktail weenies on buns. As for colorful treats? Well, it couldn’t be helped. Carrots, kale, oatmeal, bacon, and cheese all have color to them.

Mike • Shepherd/Labrador Mix • Marketing Director


I was born November 11, 2009, and adopted from Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue in February, 2010. Originally named Mike Ditka, in honor of the best football coach EVER, I sadly didn’t have a natural talent for football. Turns out, I should have been named “Mick” for McEnroe!  My passion, from day one: the TENNIS BALL! I don’t care what time of day it is, what is falling out of the sky at the moment, I just wanna play with that bright, yellow ball. But don’t let my handsome face and athletic body fool you. I am super smart. I can do lots of tricks and listen better than any middle school child you want to put me up against.

Sage • Samoyed/Labrador Mix • Quality Control Director


I was bounced around a lot in my earlier years, but adopted into my fur-ever home in November, 2014 at the age of 4 from Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue.  My family sometimes refers to me as the “foreign exchange student”, because I pretend I don’t understand anything they say to me. Truth is, they don’t challenge me enough intellectually to keep my attention. I’m super sweet and love to have my back scratched. Despite my young age, I am extremely qualified for my role at Paws & Pups Bakery; I test every product for freshness, and give it my “Paw of Approval”.

IMG_5109 copy.jpg

Molly • American Eskimo Dog • Social Media Director


My background is somewhat unknown. I was surrendered to a Human Society in North Carolina in March of 2019. Whoever had me before then taught me how to sit, lay down, be house broken and especially how to fetch and bring a toy back and leave it. I then got sent to the Atlanta Humane Society, and got adopted with an older women who lived in an apartment who couldn't take care of my active needs. I then went to a foster home, where Jen found me and then brought me to her home. She loved me from the start and I remind her so much of her sweet Jack, hence my full name, Ms. Molly Jackson. I love chasing tennis balls and especially love chasing squirrels. I am very smoochy and loving.

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